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October 2016

I am trying to read.

Why it takes me a year to read a book.

5 Minutes Over Coffee: 3rd Grade

Where I take 5 minutes while having my morning coffee and spill out random thoughts based on a writing prompt.

6 A.M.

I'm not really a morning person. I'm also not a "talk to people when I first wake up" person. Since we have children, I have to tell my "not a morning person" self to get over it and get up early in order to have some quiet before the day gets started. Two things put a monkey wrench in this plan: Children who wake up too early and Children I can't risk waking up too early.

Easy Peasy Homemade Bread

I've had a year long battle with making homemade bread. I used to make amazing bread. I had several recipes, from white to sourdough, potato and artisan. I made it all. Then I got cocky, or something. Because suddenly  none... Continue Reading →

Sneaky teens…I mean, adults.

Boy, I thought my days of being sneaky ended when I grew up, moved out, and started living on my own. (Not that I was all that sneaky as a teenager) If I had known I needed amazing ninja skills... Continue Reading →

A Disclaimer, of sorts.

Who I am, and what this is. Oh, and rules.

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Backtracking Boy Talk #1

Stuff our son says, and takes back.

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