homemade oreos

Boy, I thought my days of being sneaky ended when I grew up, moved out, and started living on my own. (Not that I was all that sneaky as a teenager)

If I had known I needed amazing ninja skills as an adult, I would have practiced sneaking around more as a kid.

I’ve never had to sneak around so much in my life!

I sneak off to the closet to eat chocolate, so the kids don’t ask for any.

I say I’m taking a bath when what I’m really doing is hiding in the bathroom to watch Hulu and have a glass of wine.

I stay up late so I can tip toe into the kitchen for a late night snack.

I have to hide things in the van, the closet, the nightstand, the barn – just so I can get gifts on sale and keep them hidden until Christmas or birthdays.

Do you sneak around more as an adult/parent? Or did you do all your sneaking as a kid?