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We are now self-hosted at our own domain!

Please join us over at All content has been imported, and all new posts will be posted there, so please click the link at the bottom to subscribe to receive posts via email so you don't miss anything! Big... Continue Reading →

I’ll clean if you’ll clean.

Let's face it, Mary Poppins was right. In every job that must be done There is an element of fun You find the fun and snap! The job's a game -Spoonful of Sugar, Mary Poppins, Disney My mom used to... Continue Reading →

Permission Given

Not that you need my permission. But I'm offering it. It seems to help. When we have someone say, "Hey you, it's okay to do that." That's why we share the memes, and the inspirational quotes, and the funny videos.... Continue Reading →

The next adventure…

Well, that's it. I am officially unemployed. I think. I mean, I think I stay on the roster for two weeks and then they officially terminate me, but for me... I'm done.   This was one of those well intentioned... Continue Reading →

A lesson in punctuation.

Ya'll, I just can't hold it in anymore. It seems our society has forgotten the difference between a period ( . ) and a question mark ( ? ). A period ENDS a STATEMENT. A question mark ASKS for something.... Continue Reading →

I still act like a child.

We reset our priorities. We made a plan. We made less selfish choices. It was amazing. Things were good. Kids were happy. We were happy. Then there was that one day, that one day when I was tired, tired of... Continue Reading →

Bad mornings, new game plan, and accountability. Wanna play?

But how do you get going when you were overwhelmed by your to-do list? How are you supposed to make a new plan when you're head is pounding and your body feels like an old punching bag after a workout session? I don't know. I was hoping you did. 

It’s not me.

I can feel the crazy. The irrational feelings and thoughts. It's like I am separated from myself, watching from the inside, while a hurricane of negative thoughts swirl around outside of me, trying to escape. Like a bee stuck in... Continue Reading →

I don’t regret my tattoo.

Several years ago, after many years of discussions and sketches, my sweet husband took me to get my first, and only, tattoo. To say it was a big deal, is an understatement. Even though I had friends with tattoos, and... Continue Reading →

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